Hi! My name is Neerja Thakkar.

In June 2019, I graduated from Dartmouth with a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics, receiving High Honors in Computer Science. I deferred my admission to move to Spain for a year, but in Fall 2020, I'm going to start my PhD in EECS at Berkeley AI Research .

I'm currently a visiting student at the University of Zaragoza's Graphics and Imaging Lab on a Fulbright Research Scholarship to Spain. I am interested in research in computer vision, computational photography, and computer graphics.


As an undergrad, I worked with Professor Chris-Bailey Kellogg on a computational immunology project where we developed a principled method to analyze T-cell receptor repertoires, based on the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity inherent in machine learning. This work led to the following publications:

  • “Balancing sensitivity and specificity in distinguishing TCR groups by CDR sequence similarity”, BMC Bioinformatics (2019), Thakkar, N., and Bailey-Kellogg, C. [paper]
  • A second publication in submission (coming soon)

I am working on ongoing projects within the convex hull of computer vision, graphics, and imaging with the Visual Computing Lab at Dartmouth and the Graphics and Imaging Lab at the University of Zaragoza.


I have recieved the following honors, awards, and fellowships:
  • Upon Graduation from Dartmouth in June 2019: Phi Beta Kappa, High Honors in Computer Science Major
  • Hannah T. Croasdale Award (June 2019)
  • Fulbright Research Scholarship (March 2019)
  • UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship (March 2019)
  • UC Berkeley EECS Excellence Award (February 2019)
  • Goldwater Honorable Mention (March 2018)
  • Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship: Recognizes outstanding undergraduate female students anywhere in the world who are studying computer science, awarded to 10 women internationally, award includes $10,000 and research mentor (January 2018)
  • Citations for Meritorious Performance in Computer Graphics (2018), Software Design and Implementation (2017), and First-Year Writing Seminar (2016)

During my time at Dartmouth, I took the following courses.

Computer Science
  • Algorithms
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Photography
  • Machine Learning
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Software Design and Implementation
  • Complex Networks
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Complex Analysis
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Graph Theory
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability
  • Differential Equations
  • Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science