Starting My PhD, Remotely

Now a PhD student, still in Minnesota

Neerja en España #16: Reflections on My Time in Spain

Professional and personal fulfillment in so many ways!

Neerja en España #15: Remote Fulbright

Not in España anymore :(

Neerja en España #14: Pandemic

The adventure to end them all

Neerja en España #13: My Last Weeks in Spain

Enjoying spring in Zaragoza pre-pandemic

Neerja en España #12: Mid-Year

Fulbright Mid-Year in Murcia

Neerja en España #11: FAT*

Attending the FAT* conference in Barcelona

How I'm Spending Quarantine

Still living life, just a little differently than expected

Neerja en España #10: The Longest Winter Break

The longest winter break: from Minnesota to NYC to Madrid to Mumbai


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